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Flight SQ216 departs in the wee hours of the morning, at 0110 in Perth International Airport Terminal 1, with an approximate flight time of 4.5 hours to Changi Airport, Terminal 3. It operates on a Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner, the latest edition of the 787 family. (Fun fact: Singapore Airlines was the first airline to fly the 787-10 in 2018).

I decided to catch the late flight as I wanted to try out the new 2018 Regional Business Class seats on the 787-10. The 2018 Regional Business Class seats were laid out in a 1-2-1 configuration, which meant direct aisle access. Moreover, Singapore Airlines was pioneering this effort to offer full-flat beds on a short/medium-haul routes from its base of operations in Singapore. Traditionally, short/medium-hauls routes only saw extra angled-seats but never full-flat beds. It was dubbed a game-changer from the previous 2009 Regional Business Class which has had significant wear and tear. The Atas Accountant was ready to be pampered!


Queues to check in only opened approximately 3 hours before departure time. Perth International Airport wasn’t the biggest so I could only find myself resting around the public seats waiting for the queues to open.

ready to check-in

When it did, I checked-in via the dedicated Business Class queue and within 15 minutes, I was off to the SilverKris lounge for supper. You can find out my thoughts about the lounge here.


After spending a good 2 hours catching up on work in the lounge, I headed over to the boarding gate. The flight seemed fairly full but having priority access to the plane helped me skip the queue.

all ready for my first business class flight!

I was greeted warmly by the cabin crew who led me to my seat 17K. I opted for a window seat during booking so that I could hopefully catch the sunrise over Singapore as I landed. As soon as I settled into my seat, I was given a choice of a glass of champagne or orange juice. I opted for the latter. The flight attendant also confirmed my order which I confirmed via the ‘Book the Cook’ service, a Classic Lobster Thermidor, which will be served later on.

Check out images of the seat below!

more than sufficient legroom for a 6.1 ft man like myself!
a sight to behold..
a good view for departure and arrival.
view from behind seat 17K
passengers settling in before departure

I also took the time to check out the compartment space available on this 787-10. This picture below shows the compartment that stored the menu, USB ports, and a set of Panasonic noise-cancelling headphones. It could be closed with a slide action and when closed, a mirror was present.

large compartment space available

Basic amenities, socks, slippers and an eye-mask were provided. Sadly, it is widely known that Singapore Airlines does not provide pyjamas nor amenity kits on its business class flights unlike other carriers. They only do so for their passengers who travel in First Class/Suites. It would have been amazing to try out the full-flat bed in comfy pyjamas!

In-Flight Service

Departure was on-time and shortly after take-off, lights were dimmed due to SQ216 being a night sleeper flight. Because of this, I was also unable to take much photos. I tilted my seat to a comfortable angle before checking out the entertainment options KrisWorld offers. KrisWorld is one of my favourite options when it comes to in-flight entertainment. I decided to watch Aquaman since I missed it the previous year. About 20 minutes into the movie, I succumbed to the option of the flat bed and requested to be woken up for my meal later on.

control options for seat

I was gently woken up at about 3.15am and within 3 minutes, the Classic Lobster Thermidor appeared in front of me. I paired it with a glass of red wine and continued watching my show.

my take of opulence at 35,000 feet

I am a huge fan of lobster and having it at 3am was a real treat. However, I felt that the sauce provided could have more flavour and the lobster was rather gamey and had a strong aftertaste which was not to my liking. The yellow rice, cherry tomatoes and asparagus were a good complement.

After the meal, I decided to do some stretching and read a little as I didn’t want to sleep right after a meal. I eventually took a short nap as being awake at 4am was too difficult. The bed was very comfortable and it took just 30 seconds for it to be transformed from a seat to a bed. could shuffle around as you tried to sleep. We landed in Singapore at about 0550, a good 45 minutes early of our scheduled arrival time of 0635 (which meant no sunrise). The crew lined up to bid us farewell and I made my way to Terminal 1’s Plaza Premium Lounge to have myself some breakfast and a refreshing morning shower.


This was a really enjoyable first Business Class flight experience for myself and I am definitely looking forward to more. The hard product of the 787-10 had a touch of class to it, and it is great to hear that it will eventually be spread across the fleet of Singapore Airlines.

The crew on my flight too really highlighted the Singapore Airlines service that it was famed for. They were attentive and tended to my every need and made sure I was comfortable. Huge thanks!

Looking forward, I am eager to try out the day flights on SQ that operates out of Changi Airport. Firstly, there would be the SilverKris lounge experience in SQ’s base of operations, along with the full 3-course menu options and more. I probably will elect for another ‘Book the Cook’ food option to try out the wide variety of options SQ has for its premium cabin customers.

Stay tuned for future flight reviews!

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