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It’s only August, but can Singapore Airlines grant me an early birthday wish?

There’s nothing wrong with dreaming. So, below are my top 5 wishes for the Krisflyer programme that I hope becomes reality, and make me fall head over heels with Krisflyer just a little more.

1. Changing of Miles Expiry Policy

Krisflyer miles currently expire 36 months after accrual. If you are saving a huge stockpile of miles for that family trip to Europe on Krisflyer miles, 36 months isn’t going to cut it. It’s not going to be a nice feeling when you find out that your miles disappear when you haven’t redeemed it.

Introduce an activity-based expiry policy. That’s to say, when miles are credited on a consistent basis, your miles NEVER expire. That’s pretty sweet, and examples of other airline programmes adopting this includes British Airways Avios and United Airlines Mileageplus. While I am not advocating the practice of ‘miles hogging’, it does help you to stockpile miles without the fear of your miles expiring.

2. Announce more merchants on Krispay

With the departure of the Mileslife in May 2019, widely loved for giving bonus miles to users when paying for dining and specially curated experiences (and also FREE miles for walking), there is an open gap now in the market. I wonder, is Krispay going to fill that void?

Krispay has launched for about a year now, and works similar to popular mobile wallet platforms, such as Grabpay. It currently has merchants like Gong Cha and Cedele, but its limited and stagnant number of 20+ merchants makes it difficult for loyalists to be a frequent user of an app.

did you know you could earn bonus miles with Krispay while buying Gong Cha?

Image from Krispay app

More merchants will definitely promote Krispy’s popularity, and for now, you definitely should use Krispay when you are purchasing from their merchants (with a suitable card of course!) You can download the Krispay app here.

3. Introduce a Krisflyer Dining Programme

Dining programmes are popular in the United States, with banks, hotel chains and large US airline companies a huge adopter of it. It’s simple to use too! Additional miles are given to participants of these dining programmes when they dine a specific number of times with merchants in the mentioned dining programme.

Given that Singaporeans are known for being a huge culture for eating, it will be a great opportunity for Krisflyer members to earn bonus miles while indulging in hotel buffets or late bar nights.

4. Bid Krisflyer Miles for Experiences

I’m starting out in the working world and I don’t have enough annual leave to redeem my miles that are about to expire. That’s a dilemma..

How I wish I could use my 20,000 miles to redeem a VIP Package for the upcoming Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix, or perhaps a seat for 2 at the Jay Chou concert next year at the Singapore Sports Hub? That’s already possible with hotel titan Hilton..

Being able to utilise my miles to have all these wonderful experiences, now, that’s the Atas life.

5. Discounts/Bonuses on Buying Krisflyer Miles

This one is rather self-explanatory. Who doesn’t love discounts/bonuses? Entering a promotion code here: 10% off. Entering a referral code there. 20% more miles.

Krisflyer sells its miles for US$40 per 1,000 miles. That’s rather pricey. Some discounts/bonuses like what Etihad Airways or Avianca’s Lifemiles do will help any Krisflyer member to be that one step closer to get my dream redemption flight on First Class.


These (hopeful) tweaks to the Krisflyer programme will make Krisflyer miles more attractive and versatile to all Krisflyer members. The list could go on.. but let’s start with these baby steps.

Now then, could I now have a 100% discount voucher given to me on my birthday on my redemption flight to London? I remain hopeful..

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