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Hi everyone! It’s been almost 2 months since I last published ANY news, and I would like to provide all of you with an update.

Firstly, I hope all of you have been well amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s an unfortunate time and the team at Atas Accountant would like to wish all our readers the best of health and safety during this period that nobody could have predicted. 

Safe to say, nobody should be taking non-essential trips during a time like this, and I’m not exempt myself. I have cancelled all my trips till the end of May and will continue to monitor the situation before taking further action. One of the tickets I still have is one to Okinawa in July for a week and a half with my dad. We were bound to check out the new Hilton Okinawa Sesoko Resort, near the famous Churaumi Aquarium, but that’s further down the road, so we’ll act on that as the situation develops.

As many of you know, I concluded a long family trip in December and promised all of you flight/hotel/lounge reviews. I apologise for the late publications, but since returning to the rigour at school, the COVID-19 pandemic and business negotiations, the balancing act proved tougher than I thought. I’m glad to say I’m up to speed on that, and over the next few weeks, you will see fresh content coming out.

Other than reviews, keep a lookout some new developments! They will include some information articles, opinion discussions and a new website design. The website design will help readers sieve and obtain information much quicker than before, with the reader’s point of view in mind.

Some readers have asked me if travel is over for 2020 but I would beg to differ. Sure, the stock market’s tanking, people are living in fear but I would advise everyone to act rationally.

In fact, I have seen more opportunities the past few weeks popping out as countries close their borders. Airlines and hotels are  giving free waivers and extending elite status for members, airline fares/hotel rates (not for the immediate future but perhaps for end 2020) are as low as I have seen and the threshold for qualification of elite status has been lowered. These are some of the things I have seen the past few weeks, and I wouldn’t be surprised if airlines and hotels come up with more creative to retain their top spenders. 

That’s all from me for now: 2020 might not be a good start for travel, but don’t fret, let’s keep our social distancing for now and we’ll ride out this period together, we’ll be in the skies sooner rather than later.

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