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Editor’s Note: I apologise for the lack of food photos which I have unfortunately misplaced. Still, please read on. I have done my best to describe the food options available here!

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Review: BA12 A380 Economy Class Singapore-London

⇒Review:London Heathrow Airport Terminal 3 Plaza Premium Arrival Lounge


After landing in Terminal 5 (The Queen’s Terminal), we took a complimentary shuttle over to Terminal 3. In truth, we had the option of visiting either Terminal 2/3/4, but having visited Terminal 2’s lounge before which wasn’t too impressive, we decided going for Terminal 3 since it’s easily connected to the city, and what a good choice it was!

Terminal 3 is home to airlines in the Oneworld alliance, as well as British Airways fiercest rivals Virgin Atlantic and its partner Delta. The landside area of the terminal was rather cramped, and considering it was peak hour, there was a sea of people which we had to navigate around. We eventually found the terminal, which was located outside of the main building. You had to walk past the automatic barriers to find it.

Entrance to London Heathrow Terminal 3 Plaza Premium Arrivals Lounge

Being an arrivals lounge, and airlines operating from Terminal 3 having their own arrival lounge for its premium class passengers, the arrival lounge here wasn’t huge. However, there were still 11 shower suites available, by far the most I’ve seen for any lounge. After all, that’s the main purpose of an arrivals lounge, for guests to wash up after a long flight. 

The three of us were (thankfully) the first few to enter the lounge and we decided to head off for a shower before having breakfast. The staff were very generous to allocate us the business room to store our items having seen the amount of baggage we had with us. After settling in, I was handed a complimentary bath towel for my shower.

Shower Suite 2 of the London Heathrow Terminal 3 Plaza Premium Arrivals Lounge

The individual shower space I was led to was larger than expected and well stocked with amenities such as toothbrushes, combs, etc. Hand wash and hand lotion was supplied by LAPE collection, an American brand.

Amenities Provided

There was also a heating rack for the towel, especially useful in winter. Nothing beats a warm tower after a comfortable shower!

The shower head was well above 2m, a comfortable height for me, standing at 1.84m. Bathroom amenities were provided by Malin+Goetz, a New York luxury skincare brand. They certainly have interesting soap creations…

Bathroom Amenities

After a refreshing shower, I went to have breakfast. (I apologise once again for the lack of photos). Breakfast selection wasn’t the most extensive, and I didn’t see a single hot menu item the time I was there from 630am-8am. 

There was a decent cold cut selection, sandwiches, yogurts, fruits, cereal and drinks which included milk. 

I can’t imagine this being the same menu through the lounge opening hours till 2pm, so by logical reasoning, I would expect hot menu items to be available as the day progressed. 


Photos I’ve salvaged from a video. Below this shelf, are the assortments of drinks and sandwiches kept in a chiller.

I settled down at the dining area and  I soon noticed a beeline at the front desk. Soon, many guests were flowing in and all the shower spaces were filled. It turns out that one could actually book their shower facilities beforehand, so that they could ensure they wasted no time waiting and could get on with their day as quickly as possible. Do take note of this the next time you visit this lounge.


The Plaza Premium Arrivals Lounge at London Heathrow Terminal 3 is a welcome hidden oasis for travellers arriving into London. It is significantly much better than the one at Terminal 2, which seems dark and rather dated with no shower spaces. For those who do not have complimentary access, the entrance fee is around £25 for about an hour, with comes with a free shower and breakfast. I will not hesitate to visit this lounge again.


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