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Google Pay makes its long awaited entrance to the ever-crowded payment solution world in Singapore, with a small perk to all those who sign up.

Google Pay is a digital wallet that facilitates your payments at different merchants, similar to what Paylah! does in a Singapore context. To celebrate its launch, Google Pay is giving $5 to new users when you sign up via this link and making an eligible transaction of $10 or more! 

The steps are simple:

  1. Sign up for Google Pay with your mobile number via this link

2. Download the Google Pay app on your mobile phone (iPhone works as well)

A kind friend has alerted me that once settling the basics of the app, remember to OPT IN to the ‘Offers and Rewards’ tab, as you see below. You will find this under Settings. (HT: Liang Lin)

3. Make an eligible transaction of at least $10 on Google Pay – an eligible transaction can be simply sending $10 to your friend – and have them send them back to you!

4. Wait for your $5 Cash to be credited to your bank account!

This is on top of the current promotion of receiving a bonus cashback of up to $30, which you can get up to twice a week till 1 June. For the cash referral promotion, this will last till 30 June.

Every cent counts.. i guess?

Currently, it seems that only OCBC bank accounts are able to facilitate transactions on Google Pay, with adoption of DBS and Standard Chartered Bank accounts in the pipeline. Once you have set up your account, you can then set up your referral code to invite your friends and get $5 too.

That’s all! Your $5 awaits!

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