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Foodpanda is celebrating its 8th birthday and all of us have been invited to join in the celebration! Krisflyer has a partnership with Foodpanda, and a bonus rate for miles earning has been introduced for the period of 11th May 2020 to 10th June 2020. There will also be a lucky winner each week who will walk away with 8,000 Krisflyer miles.


One normally earns 1 Krisflyer mile per $1 spent for orders at $20 and above. The first $20 must solely be on food orders and excluding food delivery. When food orders are $20 and above, delivery fees are then eligible to earn miles. Krisflyer miles are then awarded, rounded down to the nearest number.

Here’s an example:

An order at $21.99 ($19 food+$2.99 delivery fees) will not earn any Krisflyer miles.

An order at $42.99 ($40 food+$2.99 delivery fees) will earn 42 Krisflyer miles.

With this promotion, an order at $42.99 will earn you a total of 50 Krisflyer miles ($42.99*1.18). 


In addition to an enhanced earning rate, Foodpanda will be dishing out 8,000 Krisflyer miles to 1 lucky winner each week. This is on a lucky draw basis, based on eligible orders.

The winner for each week will be notified on 20th May, 27th May, 3rd June, 11th June.

These 8,000 miles will be credited into their Krisflyer account within 14 days.

How to earn

After selecting your food items and before you checkout, there is a section under ‘Contact Info’ for you to key in your Krisflyer membership number. 

After placing the order, your Krisflyer miles will come in about 2-3 weeks. This is generally accurate; what I do personally is to track every weekend to ensure that the miles are credited. 


With the circuit breaker, my usage of the Foodpanda delivery platform has only intensified the past few weeks. These miles may not be in enormous amounts, but every mile is a small step towards that business class seat.  Moreover, combined with the right credit card, you could be earning up to 9 miles per dollar while using Foodpanda vouchers during this circuit breaker! Do tap on this promotion while it lasts! 

You can find out the rest of the details of Foodpanda’s birthday celebrations here.

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