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Earlier, there were reports circulating that the Japan would be considering subsidising expenses for travellers to boost up its tourism figures, after a staggering 99% drop in visitors for the month of April. Many travellers online began wanderlusting about their next trip to The Land of the Rising Sun. Well, it turns out that it’s not that simple..


The Japanese government has categorically excluded international travellers into its proposal of providing subsidies to boost Japan’s tourism figures. Specifically, the Japan Tourism Agency is only providing these mentioned subsidies to domestic travellers.

Moreover, its largely estimated that the domestic expenses will only total up to US$200 per person, which isn’t a huge amount by any means. A shinkansen ride from Tokyo to Osaka will wipe out more than half that amount..


Well, I was genuinely excited since I had a vested interest in visiting Japan. I did have a work trip planned for Okinawa in July to do some filming for the new Hilton Okinawa Sensoko resort, though that’s most likely to be scrapped; it doesn’t make sense to fly and be quarantined for 14 days.

Nevertheless, I’m still hopeful that travel restrictions will be eased by late 2020, and travel bubbles between countries will be formed. Let’s keep our fingers crossed, who knows what different countries might subsidise travel budgets to spur travel demand.. 🙂

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