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Over the past week, Emirates has lowered its fuel surcharges that they pass on to customers, making Emirates Skywards programme a more lucrative programme.

If you are new to the miles game, fuel surcharges are one of your worst enemies to your flight redemptions. To simply explain things, fuel surcharges are additional fees that airlines ‘pass on’ to consumers due to the volatility of oil prices. These fuel surcharges can range from $100-$1,000, which can be a huge dampener for a redemption ticket. You would think that as time passed and as airlines hedged their oil prices, airlines would slowly get rid of fuel surcharges, but that development is unfortunately at a standstill (even with the recent trigger of negative oil prices!)

Well, this move brings Emirates Skywards and Cathay Pacific Asia Miles (check out what I wrote here) to be the two airline programmes to align their airline programmes with regard to the falling oil prices. For example, as reported by One Mile At A Time, it seems like fuel surcharges for redeeming a First Class ticket from New York to Milan has been reduced from US$520 to US$40.15. Amazing!

Emirates easily flies one of the most aspirational First Class products in the skies: Having an onboard shower on their A380; a bar for First Class & Business Class passengers, and this move by Emirates Skywards makes it much more easier to redeem a ticket for this aspirational flight.

Emirates First Class Shower Spa (Photo Credit: Emirates)

For us living here in Singapore, Emirates Skywards miles can be transferred from your pool of SC EasyRewards points from Standard Chartered or Membership Rewards points from American Express. Earlier in the year, Standard Chartered was even offering a 100% bonus when you transferred your SC EasyRewards points to the Emirates Skywards Programme. I opted out of that due to the hefty surcharges Emirates passes to passengers, but for those of you who jumped on that deal, you could potentially be in for a windfall here.

Ultimately, this makes the Emirates Skywards programme a more lucrative one worth considering. I’ll update the sweet spots that Emirates Skywards programme has in a future article. Stay tuned!

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