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It was reported earlier this week that Australia’s borders would remain closed to international travellers till 2021. 

Australia’s Trade Minister, Simon Birmingham, discussed this during a press interview. Some of the key excerpts:

This will no doubt put a wedge in Australia tourism dollars, as Australia is a prime tourism destination for those hailing from South East Asia and China. 

My Travel Plans Scuppered

Personally, I originally had plans to spend New Year’s Eve in Perth, flying in from New York City after spending Christmas in the Big Apple with friends.

I had booked my itinerary with Qantas back in April, for a cool 55,000 Alaska miles (as compared to $10,000). I found rare award space earlier on in the year and decided to cash in since I had a sizeable miles balance after my Singapore Suites flight to Beijing was cancelled and I had the miles refunded to me.

This was my itinerary: I was bound to fly 3 different Qantas Business Class products: the Boeing 787-9, the Airbus A380 and Airbus A330. 

I am pretty excited to check out the refurbished A380 Business Class seats; I wanted to try them last winter when I flew from Singapore to London but I couldn’t find any availability. Here are some photos shared by Qantas:

Qantas has even gone ahead to introduce a mini lounge for its premium passengers.

Don’t they look sleek?

Of course, Qantas, like many airlines across the globe, have tampered expectations for travel demand picking up in 2020. Many wide-body aircrafts like the A380s are currently preserved in aircraft storage facilities, in deserts where the weather is drier and humid. I am fully aware that I might not even be able to fly this beautiful product/enjoy the full in-flight experience at the end of the year.

Still, I remain optimistic, especially since it seems that summer travel, a good indicator of travel demand, seems to picking up. 

Here’s hoping that we’ll be in the skies soon!

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