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What do you know? Just as Singapore Airlines concludes their its Krisflyer miles bonus promotion, Cathay Pacific launches a miles promotion for its very own Asia Miles!

Miles of Possibilities – Miles more Rewarded

Under the new promotion, ‘Miles of Possibilities – Miles more Rewarded’, Cathay Pacific will be awarding the bonus at either the 10% or 15% level from 28 December 2020 to 31 January 2021.. Do check your emails on what you have been offered! I personally have been offered the 15% bonus, but some of my readers have been offered the 10% bonus.

It is worth to take note that historically, Cathay Pacific has been offering this bonus at the start of every year. For example, in January 2019, members were offered a 15% bonus, while a 10% bonus was offered the following year.

With ‘Miles of Possibilities – Miles more Rewarded’, Cathay Pacific is giving members advance notice of the offer, since registration only starts on 28 December 2020.

Here is what was stated:

Registration starts on 28 ‍December ‍2020. We will contact you again on that day with the registration link! This means you have a few more weeks to collect as many credit card points as you can before converting them for an extra 15% Miles.

How it works

Asia Miles Bonus Offer – January 2020

The registration link for the upcoming promotion hasn’t gone live, but going by last year, it’ll probably go something like this.

You will land up in a designated registration platform, and after registering, you will receive an email confirmation, stating which transfer bonus you have been eligible for, with a reminder that your miles must be transferred from an eligible finance partner before 31st January 2021.

It is good to know that there is no cap to the number of miles conversions you can complete and no cap on the amount of points converted during this promotion.

However, bonus miles will not be awarded immediately. In this promotion, bonus miles will only be credited to your Asia Miles account within 8 to 10 weeks after the end of the promotion, which translates to having the bonus miles appearing in your account by mid April 2021.

In the case that the bonus miles do not appear by mid April 2021, you will have until 31st May 2021 to notify Asia Miles regarding the discrepancy. 

Eligible Finance Partners

It’s important to know which cards are eligible for the bonus. Cathay Pacific has simplified things and as long as you accrue points with almost any worldwide credit card that has Asia Miles conversion, you’ll be eligible for the transfer bonus. The exception is that if Asia Miles are directly earned from the transactions made with Co-branded Cards like the American Express® Cathay Pacific Elite Credit Card (for Hong Kong and China readers), you will not be eligible for the bonus.

Cathay Pacific has compiled a list of the eligible finance partners by country, so feel free to compare and check out its validity.

For most of our readers based in Singapore, here’s a simplified list.

Bank Eligible Points
American Express Membership Rewards
Citibank Citi Miles/Citi ThankYou Points
DBS DBS Points
HSBC HSBC Reward Points
Maybank Maybank TREATS Points

For our American readers, you will be pleased to know that American Express and Citibank are eligible for this offer.

My Take on This

You could be flying on the Cathay Pacific A350-1000 Business Class very soon! (Photo Credit: PointHacks)

Asia Miles is arguably the second most popular frequent flyer programme in Singapore, due to the range of banks the airline partners with, along with its extensive network that Cathay Pacific covers globally, making it a good contender for miles enthusiasts in Singapore and South East Asia.

Furthermore, with its recent removal of fuel surcharges, it makes it even more lucrative to fly with Cathay Pacific, when you consider the potential miles savings you could have!

For example, a redemption with Krisflyer for a trip to Zurich will set you back 92,000 miles. However, a redemption with Asia miles for a trip to Zurich from Singapore via Hong Kong (transit), will only cost you a redemption of 65,000 miles! I’ve explained it here in one of my articles, so go check it out!

Furthermore, Asia Miles no longer expire with activity every 18 months, which means you are not ‘forced’ to redeem any miles, making it a very good option indeed.

With all these factors in mind, I’ll be transferring some Asia Miles from my stash of miles from DBS and UOB, since I do have some miles expiring some time in 2021, and this makes it an opportune time to get more out of my miles, since I have to find a way to Washington DC for a friend’s wedding.


With the imminent conclusion of the Krisflyer bonus miles offer, Asia miles is offering its very own bonus miles offer to perhaps sneakily remind you of the alternatives you have for miles transfers. Do note that you WILL NOT receive any miles bonuses now; you will have to wait till 28 December to register and qualify for the miles bonus.

With a wider extensive global network than Singapore Airlines, a non-fixed expiry date for your miles and sweet spots, this promotion is very worth considering tapping on to!

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