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Alaska Miles, probably the world’s most underrated airlines, is offering up to a 50% bonus on its air miles, allowing members to purchase miles as low as 1.83 US cents/mile.

A little about Alaska Miles

Alaska Miles is the mileage programme of Alaska Airlines, a domestic carrier in the United States. This seems like a ‘turn-off’ at first sight, but stay tuned if not you will be missing out a whole lot.

Even though it’s a domestic carrier, Alaska Airlines has built up strong international alliances with reputable air carriers, such as Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific, British Airways and Emirates, amongst others. This makes Alaska Miles one of the most versatile mileage programmes, just because of the sheer volume of partners it has.

Not only that, the redemption rates of flying with its international partners are also astounding. For example, Asian readers of AtasAccountant will be pleased to know that for only 42,500 Alaska miles, you are able to fly from Hong Kong to anywhere in Europe that Cathay Pacific flies. Compared that to 92,000 Krisflyer miles or 65,000-85,000 Asia Miles, that’s a good deal for sure! 

Joining the OneWorld Alliance

It is also announced recently that Alaska Airlines will be formally accepted into the OneWorld alliance officially on 31 March 2021. While this makes Alaska Airlines more internationally recognised, do brace yourself for expected changes with regard to redemption rates for international flights. Thus, this should be factored in when making a decision on whether to participate in this round’s Alaska miles bonus sale.

Basically, only YOU can decide whether to take advantage of deals like this if you understand the risks involved. Furthermore, due to the ongoing COVID pandemic, there could be a chance that you require to rebook your flights. 

Buying Alaska Miles with up to a 50% bonus

During this December sale, this was the respective bonus tiers i was targetted with. 

Miles Purchased Bonus Offered
1,000 – 29,000 40%
30,000 – 100,000 50%

Purchasing miles with a 50% bonus brings the cost down to 1.83 US cents per mile. While it is not the cheapest Alaska has ever offered, it still represents a good deal if you have an imminent flight redemption in mind. 

For example, I once booked an itinerary from New York City to Perth with Qantas with 55,000 Alaska Miles, with a view to spend New Year’s Eve in Perth in anticipation for the 2021 ATP Cup. Although my plans have been scuppered and my miles redeposited,  I would still like to show you the immense value I would have attained if the flight went through.

With this miles bonus, I would have just paid US$1,000.65 with about US$80 in taxes, compared to about US$7,000-US$8,000, a whopping discount of close to 75%!

This is just one of the many examples that prove the usefulness of Alaska miles. If you know how to use it to your advantage, you could be set for a windfall! Login here now and find out what’s your targetted bonus!

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