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A friendly reminder for all you miles geeks out there! Missed out on the previous miles bonus Singapore Airlines was offering till 27 December? Fret not! Singapore Airlines has extended it till 16 January 2021, meaning you have about a week and a half more to tap onto this amazing promotion! 

As far as I remember, this should be the first time Singapore Airlines is providing bonuses for transferring miles to its Krisflyer programme. Below entails the article I previously wrote; just take note that as mentioned, the offer expiration is now 16 January 2021 instead of 27 December 2020.

Offer Details

As part of Singapore Airlines ‘‘Earn more, experience more’ promotion, Singapore Airlines will be offering a 15-20% bonus from its partner credit card points into KrisFlyer miles! Credit card points holders simply have to make a transfer of at least 10,000 Krisflyer miles (per individual conversion) by 27th December 2020. Do take note this transfer must be completed by 27th December 2020 for the bonus to be eligible, so do give a buffer time of at least a week to make the transfer.

For the majority of readers of this site, conversions from Singapore banks only trigger a 15% bonus, while readers of overseas banks in Hong Kong, Brunei and Indonesia get a 20% bonus*. You can find out more about the promotion here.

*subject to certain Terms and Conditions

You may also be aware that there are co-branded credit cards that Singapore Airlines do carry with certain banks, such as the KrisFlyer UOB credit card and Singapore Airlines American Express credit cards. These cards are unfortunately not eligible for the offer, since your accrued spending credits into your Krisflyer account immediately.

Kris+ is included too!

To garner increasing awareness on its payment app, you can also attain a 15% bonus when transferring just a minimum of 100 DBS points  instantly through Kris+ from bank partners DBS or UOB. You also won’t be paying any administration fees to the banks. However, existing Krispay miles in your Krispay wallet won’t be eligible for this offer.

Another thing to take note though is that miles transferred via Kris+ puts you down already by 15%. Thus, you will be significantly better off if you were to transfer credit card points to miles if you have a huge balance!

My Take on This

Having collected miles from different banks, it’s no secret that a point in one bank is not equivalent to another bank. Why is this so?  The airline partners of different banks varies! For example, Citibank partners with 11 different airline partners, with each frequent flyer programme having its own sweet spot. However, OCBC only partners with Singapore Airlines. 

And because I mainly bank with OCBC because of my OCBC Voyage Card, I do have a large stash of Voyage miles and Travel$ (from the OCBC 90N card) which can only be transferred to Krisflyer miles. Moreover, OCBC has this sweet benefit where no administrative fees are charged when converting points to miles (when will the other banks catch up?) . This makes it a great time to transfer my OCBC points to Krisflyer miles!

On the other hand, my stash of points with Citibank are probably going to remain for now. The airline partners that Citibank has simply offer too much flexibility for me to lock it all in with Singapore Airlines. Moreover, I do have the intention of checking out British Airways and Cathay Pacific Business Class, something that Krisflyer miles can’t redeem. In addition, I do expect a certain Asia Miles to follow the footsteps of Krisflyer and offer a bonus themselves.. perhaps sometime VERY soon.. 🙂

Another thing to consider is the expiration of miles. Krisflyer miles still expire 36 months from the point of transfer, which means that a transfer in Dec 2020 will see your miles due for redemption by Dec 2023. On the flip side, Asia Miles don’t see any expiration with an activity every 18 months. This gives Asia Miles more flexibility when it comes to redemption, especially in a time of uncertainty like this.


With 2020 coming to an end, this makes it a good opportunity for Krisflyer members to enjoy an early Christmas present; getting more out of their miles in their redemptions for the years to come! Having already booked a First Class ticket to London for my sabbatical with a friend, I am considering using this miles redemption opportunity to fly back from London to Singapore and perhaps onto Tokyo in July for the Olympics with a stopover option.

Do let me know in the comments below if you plan to utilise the 15% bonus!

I transferred miles with SCB and OCBC and bonus miles posted within a week. Other readers also reported similar statistics with other banks like UOB and Citibank. With the extension, I am planning to port over some DBS points too since my bonus points for December just came in.

No prizes for guessing how many miles I have now!

Do let me know in the comments below if you plan to utilise the 15% bonus!

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