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Singapore Airlines has launched a ‘Give your miles a boost’ bonus conversion offer from partner credit card points into KrisFlyer miles, with a 12-15% hike on the usual transfer ratios, potentially making this a good time to shift some points into miles, especially with the launch of VTLs!

Singapore Airlines brings back a 15% bonus offer for your miles!

You may get a sense of ‘deja vu’, since there was a similar offer to this one that was held last year! However, this is only the second time a transfer bonus has come around for the programme, and we think many readers will want to seize this opportunity! Let’s dive into it!

The Offer

It’s simple and straightforward! Just make a transfer of at least 10,000 KrisFlyer miles (per individual conversion) between 26th October 2021 and 22nd November 2021 and KrisFlyer will add a 12% or 15% bonus to your usual transfer amount.

  • Earn 12% bonus miles when you convert between 10,000 to 49,999 miles in a single qualifying transaction; or
  • Earn 15% bonus miles when you convert 50,000 miles or more in a single qualifying transaction.

Needless to say, we advocate transferring at least 50,000 miles in a single qualifying transaction, to enjoy a larger 15% bonus.

All bank partners in Singapore with KrisFlyer are eligible, even if you’re brand new to the KrisFlyer programme. There is also no upper cap.

Bonus miles will be credited at the same time as your regular miles deposit, which varies depending on the bank’s lead time. The bonus is reflected as a separate credit from your main transfer bonus. 

This offer stacks with the “unlock status credits” campaign

A popular question raised whether the bonus KrisFlyer miles awarded under this campaign will also be eligible for the accrual of status credits (PPS Value or Elite miles as applicable) under the KrisFlyer “Unlock Status Credits without Flying” campaign.

The answer is a resounding YES!

You can stack ‘Give your miles a boost’ with ‘Unlock Status Credits without flying!’

Be aware though – Elite miles / PPS Value will come through within 7 working days for the base miles and within 3 weeks of the end of the campaign (i.e. by 14th December 2021) for the bonus elite miles, as two separate credits.

That’s great news for all looking to retain or upgrade their KrisFlyer Elite status with a miles transfer, since that campaign is ongoing until 28th February 2022. It’s simply an irresistible offer!

For example, if you are starting with 10,000 elite miles, you require 40,000 Elite miles to secure an upgrade to KrisFlyer Elite Gold status (50k requirement).

With a credit card points transfer of 175,000 miles, you’ll receive:

175,000 KrisFlyer miles
+ 26,250 bonus miles (15%)
= 201,250 KrisFlyer miles

35,000 Elite miles
+ 5,250 bonus Elite miles (15%) by 14 Dec
= 40,250 Elite miles

Once the Elite miles have credited by December, your account will be upgraded to KrisFlyer Elite Gold for a year! Congratulations!

Kris+ is included

The 15% bonus also applies when transferring any valid number of miles instantly through Kris+ from its bank partners Citi (new), DBS or UOB.

Do remember that this method already came at a 15% disadvantage anyway. We only recommend using this method if you are cutting yourself short, which should not be the case.

The minimum transfer volumes via Kris+ are:

  • Citi Miles > KrisFlyer: 4,000 Citi Miles > 3,400 3,910 miles
  • Citi TYP > KrisFlyer: 10,000 Citi TYP > 3,400 3,910 miles
  • DBS Points > KrisFlyer: 100 DBS Points > 170 196 miles
  • UOB UNI$ > KrisFlyer: 1,000 UNI$ > 1,700 1,955 miles

See how you aren’t quite outweighing the usual 15% hit on these transfers by using Kris+ with this promotion (a 15% bonus only brings you back to 97.8% of something that was initially 15% worse). You’d need a 17.6% bonus to overcome the original impact.

The other benefit of Kris+, apart from it being instant, is that it’s fee-free, though that doesn’t negate the poorer transfer ratio in the first place.

Our Take: Stay away, stick to the traditional way of bank transfers of your points to miles.

Any Disadvantages?

As mentioned before, you start the clock of your miles expiry date as soon as your miles are transferred in. That’s because of KrisFlyer’s fixed 36-month expiry policy for your miles, so do keep that in mind!

You’ll also lose flexibility by committing to the KrisFlyer programme, and ‘suffer’ from opportunity cost. For example, for Citibank in Singapore, for example, you can transfer to 10 different FFPs, including oneworld programmes like Asia Miles and Qatar Privilege Club. Diversification of miles is something we advocate here. But hey, bonus miles and free status credits dont come often that easily! You can negate this by transferring banks that only offer Krisfyler as a transfer partner, such as OCBC.


A superb offer for those of you who’ve been accumulating miles on credit cards but been biding your time; your patience is rewarded! You get a 12-15% bonus offer when you transfer your miles by 22 Nov 2021!

I will undoubtedly be jumping on this offer since I skipped the one last year, while Dickson is studying the technicalities of this to take the best advantage of his KFEG during his RTW next year.

Another benefit is that the bonus miles you get stack with the “unlock status” campaign, so this bonus could be a nice head start to hit a tier renewal or upgrade by transferring fewer miles than you first thought you needed to.

Do remember too to buffer some time for miles and elite miles to credit, our recommendation is 5 working days!

Will you be transferring credit card points to earn bonus miles? Let us know in the comments below!

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