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It’s never been a better time to be a KrisFlyer member. Earlier this year, Singapore Airlines launched its first ever “Unlock Status Credits without Flying” campaign, unprecedentedly allowing KrisFlyer and PPS Club members to accrue Elite miles or PPS value to retain or upgrade their status level, permitting anyone with a penchant of miles to get a taste of KrisFlyer Elite Gold!

The “Unlock Status Credits without Flying’ – allowing you to get Elite Gold status with SIA without flying – till Feb 2022!

In addition, just short of a year ago, KrisFlyer was offering a 15% transfer bonus for miles conversions, but that unfortunately ended by the time the unlock status campaign kicked off.

Remember, Elite miles gave you status within the programme, but KrisFlyer miles are the miles that secured you the business and first class seats.

It was a legitimate dilemma. How would one prioritise? Should members be patient and wait for another 15% bonus transfer offer to score additional miles, or pull the trigger and get their Elite Status?

How about BOTH?

From now till 22 November, KrisFlyer members have the luxury of having the best of both worlds. Not only can they secure a 15% bonus of miles, they can also secure elite miles AT THE SAME TIME to upgrade their status level. In this case, it’s really a case of having your cake and eating your cake; you don’t have to choose one over the other.

Get KFEG with a 15% bonus on your KrisFlyer miles!

That’s because KrisFlyer is back with its 15% bonus offer when you transfer at least 50,000 miles per transaction from credit card points into the programme (or 12% bonus for individual conversions of 10,000-49,999 miles), with no upper cap.

With even better news, the 15% bonus offer is stackable on the elite miles as well. That’s just having the cherry on top of the cake.

How does it work?

Assuming you have zero elite miles, you had till 28 February to transfer 250k KF miles to get 50k elite miles (since the ratio of KF miles to Elite miles was 5:1). With this promotion, you score yourself some leeway, namely just with 220k KF miles. Here’s the details.

With a credit card points transfer of 220,000 miles, you’ll receive:

220,000 KrisFlyer miles
+ 33,000 bonus miles (15%)
= 253,000 KrisFlyer miles

44,000 Elite miles
+ 6,600 bonus Elite miles (15%) by 14 Dec
= 50,600 Elite miles

Of course, this is assuming that you are starting with zero elite miles. If you have some in the bank, you can transfer accordingly.

How long will your status be valid?

This is where it gets tricky, but it’s important to determine which camp you are in.

The one-year status extension for KrisFlyer and PPS Club members announced earlier in January means that:

  • For KrisFlyer basic members, there was no impact.
  • For KrisFlyer Elite (Silver & Gold) members, Elite miles were rolled over to count towards requalification in the subsequent membership year.
  • For PPS Club members, PPS Value was extended by one/two years, to count towards future requalification in the future.

What it effectively means is that if a KrisFlyer member without status uses this promotion to upgrade to the KrisFlyer Elite Gold tier by earning 50,000 Elite miles (using the case I illustrated above), the membership will be valid for 12 months from the date it was earned (e.g. earned in December 2021, valid until December 2022).

However, if an existing KrisFlyer Elite Gold status holder uses this promotion to retain the status by earning 50,000 Elite miles, the membership will be valid for two years from the end of the current membership year. That’s because if they fall into the end of the current membership year (March 2021 to February 2022), Singapore Airlines is already gifting a one-year extension.

For example, an existing KrisFlyer Elite Gold status holder who received a free status extension in October 2021, now has an expiry of October 2022, will have their KFEG until October 2023 by participating in this offer. Amazing isn’t it!

Possible Downsides?

As mentioned before, you start the clock of your miles expiry date as soon as your miles are transferred in. That’s because of KrisFlyer’s fixed 36-month expiry policy for your miles, so do keep that in mind!

You’ll also lose flexibility by committing to the KrisFlyer programme, and ‘suffer’ from opportunity cost. For example, for Citibank in Singapore, for example, you can transfer to 10 different FFPs, including oneworld programmes like Asia Miles and Qatar Privilege Club. Diversification of miles is something we advocate here. But hey, bonus miles and free status credits dont come often that easily! You can negate this by transferring banks that only offer Krisfyler as a transfer partner, such as OCBC.

How we’re playing it

For Dickson, this accelerates his plan of participating in the Unlock Status Credits campaign. He will be timing and spacing out his transfers though, because of his travel plans. He won’t be travelling until January, so an early status boost in December only leads to an early expiry of his elite Gold status.

He will be transferring 210,000 miles, courtesy of 75,000 UNI$ and 30,000 DBS Points.

He will thus be getting:

210,000 KrisFlyer miles
+ 31,500 bonus miles (15%)
= 241,500 KrisFlyer miles

42,000 Elite miles
+ 6,300 bonus Elite miles (15%) by 14 Dec
= 48,300 Elite miles

He also has about 300 elite miles in the pocket due to his Kris+ and Krisshop purchases. For the leftover 1,500+ Elite miles, he plans to transfer the remaining 15,000 miles over from his Voyage Miles, which he enjoys fee-free transfers. He will thus enjoy his KFEG till Jan 2023.

To take things further, here’s another consideration: requalification for following membership year.

Once Dickson qualifies for KrisFlyer Elite Gold, he may subsequently add an additional 50,000 Elite miles needed for requalification. This means Dickson could enjoy status up till January 2024, provided he times things right!

Do note though that you cannot transfer the equivalent of 100,000 Elite miles at one go and get two years of KrisFlyer Elite Gold. That’s because there’s no rollover of Elite miles in excess of qualification.

Do it in 2 steps: accrue Elite miles and qualify for KrisFlyer Elite Gold for the membership year, allow your account status to be updated, then accrue more Elite miles to gain another year for KFEG.

While the majority of Dickson’s flights are going to be in business class for his RTW trip, the KFEG status will come in particularly helpful when he tours Croatia, Greece, Romania and Georgia in the European status. He deems it a ‘waste of miles’ with such cheap cash rates, especially when intra European business class flights are over glorified.


With the return of international travel, facilitated with VTLs, having KFEG could be really beneficial.

With the possibility of leveraging both campaigns, it’s almost a no-brainer for most people to jump at this opportunity.

Given that most may have already accrued some Elite miles through the other on-ground earning options since the status campaign began, like via KrisShop and Kris+ activity, you might not even need to transfer the full 220,000 miles, so do adjust the relevant transfers accordingly!

Do remember though – to complete your transfers by 22nd November – and bask in the glory of bonus miles and KFEG.

Will you be transferring credit card points to earn KrisFlyer Elite Gold status? Let us know in the comments below!

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