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A heads-up for those of you travelling to Denmark! If your year-end VTL travel plans includes Denmark, here’s some rather bad news. With the recent removal of Singapore from the EU’s “safe list”, Denmark has went ahead to impose a quarantine requirement on travellers from Singapore, regardless of vaccination status.

Travellers from Singapore must now self-isolate for 10 days immediately after entry into Denmark. It should be mentioned though, that isolation can be ended after four days with a negative COVID-19 PCR test. 

In addition, there are certain exemptions for those holding an EUDCC, or who have spent some amount of time in an EU/Schengen country, but details are not clearly stated for now. 

Denmark adds quarantine requirement for travellers from Singapore

Singapore residents now need to isolate upon arrival in Denmark

Thankfully, a questionnaire is provided from the Danish government that advises travellers about entry restrictions. While travellers from Singapore (VTL flights) were previously granted an exemption from testing and quarantine, the updated rules with immediate effect require them to:

  1. Take a test within 24 hours of entry (a pre-departure test is not required)
  2. Self-isolate for 10 days immediately after entry

The same rules apply regardless of vaccination status, although there’s some uncertainty about how Singapore residents with EUDCCs will be treated. 

Isolation can be ended early with a negative PCR test result, taken at the earliest on the fourth day after entry. Testing in Denmark is free, regardless of residency (however, pre-departure tests may be chargeable).


While Singapore residents will generally face a quarantine on arrival in Denmark, don’t despair just yet! There are a few exceptions or (loopholes).

Travellers with EUDCC

An exemption from testing and self-isolation is granted to those who can present an EUDCC, or a certificate from a country granted equivalence (Singapore isn’t on this list). 

For the uninformed, the EUDCC is the EU Digital Covid Certificate, allowing those who have this in their possession quarantine free travel within the EU.

What is less clear is whether a Singapore citizen who carries an EUDCC will be granted an exemption.

There have been contrasting reports, which makes things even more confusing to say the least.

Some parts of the Danish government’s advice seem to suggest that you must be a fully vaccinated resident of one of the following countries to enjoy an exemption:

Other parts, perhaps contradictory, suggest that as long as you can present an EU corona passport (i.e. EUDCC), you can enter Denmark without testing or isolation!

Understanding Denmark’s Country Classification
It’s good to know Denmark classifies countries into the following categories:

– Risk
-High Risk

Almost all other countries are considered as a ‘risk’ country, such as Australia, Canada, Hong Kong and Taiwan since they are not in the EU. It’s good to note that there’s no testing or isolation required for fully-vaccinated individuals too!

I’ve taken a screenshot from what the Danish Embassy in Singapore posted. My interpretation leads me to believe it’s safe for a Singapore resident to travel so long as he/she has an EUDCC, but until this is stated in black and white on an official document, it’s probably going to give you the jitters.

In case you were wondering, there are various ways to convert your Singapore vaccination certificate into an EUDCC:

  • Those physically in Italy can visit the local health authority for a free-of-charge conversion
  • Those physically in France can visit a pharmacy for a €30 EUDCC conversion
  • Those physically in Germany can visit a pharmacy for a free-of-charge EUDCC conversion
  • Switzerland has an online system for EUDCC conversion (CHF30 fee applies) (most straightforward as well)

Reference Points please!

If you are in any country in the EU, and have had first-hand success in obtaining an EUDCC, please reach out to us! We will love to hear about the process!

Entering Denmark from EU/Schengen country

If you’re entering Denmark from an EU or Schengen country, there is no need to self-isolate after entry, regardless of whether you are vaccinated or have been previously infected. 

You will need to do a test either before or within 24 hours of entry (it’s wiser to do the latter, since it’s free in Denmark), but this requirement is waived if you can present a valid EU Digital COVID Certificate. The certificate must show that you are fully vaccinated, previously infected, or possess a negative COVID-19 test. The Singapore equivalent meets those requirements.

Denmark also defines “entry country” as “the country where you entered Denmark from, not countries and regions that you have only passed through in transit”.

Again, it’s leaves room for intrepretation. Would the “entry country” for a Singapore resident who stays five days in Switzerland before entering Denmark be Singapore or Switzerland? 

In my mind, I believe the generally-accepted definition of transit is a stay of less than 24 hours, although it’s scarcely believable that 24 hours is an acceptable benchmark to be used, when most countries apply a 14-day travel history. 

Further exemptions for risk countries
A further exemption applies to those entering Denmark from “risk countries”. This currently includes Australia, Argentina, Bahrain, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Jordan, Kuwait, Namibia, New Zealand, Peru, Qatar, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, Uruguay, Hong Kong, Macau, or Taiwan. If you have been there for the past 14 days, that works too!

VTL countries: Pre-departure test requirements

With this latest development, here’s the latest summary of testing requirements when travelling from Singapore to VTL countries. Do bear in mind this is subject to change, especially with the fluidity of the situation.

Summary of PDT for Singapore Residents
🇦🇺 AustraliaPCR1
(under 5 exempt)
Not admitted^
🇨🇦 CanadaPCR2
(under 5 exempt)
(under 5 exempt)
🇩🇰 DenmarkMin. 4-day quarantine3Min. 4-day quarantine3
🇫🇷 FranceN/AART/PCR4
(under 12 exempt)
🇩🇪 GermanyN/AART/PCR5
(under 12 exempt)
Min. 5-day quarantine
🇮🇹 ItalyART/PCR6
(under 6 exempt)
(under 6 exempt)
🇳🇱 NetherlandsART/PCR7
(under 12 exempt)
(under 12 exempt)
Min. 5-day quarantine; exemption for under 12
🇰🇷 South KoreaPCR8Not admitted*
🇪🇸 SpainN/A9N/A9
🇨🇭 SwitzerlandN/AART/PCR10
(under 16 exempt)
🇬🇧 United KingdomN/A11N/A11
🇺🇸 United StatesART/PCR12
(under 2 exempt)
(under 2 exempt)
1. Within 72h of departure time to Australia
2. Within 72h of departure time of last direct flight to Canada
3. With negative PCR test from Day 4 onwards; otherwise 10 days
4. Within 48/72h (ART/PCR) of departure time to France
5. Within 48h/72h (ART/PCR) of entry into Germany
6. Within 72h of entry into Italy
7. Within 24h/48h (ART/PCR) of departure time to Netherlands
8. Within 72h of departure time to South Korea
9. No testing required
10. Within 48h/72h (ART/PCR) of departure time to Switzerland. Further tests on Day 7 (under 16 exempt)
11. Day 2 test required
12. Within 3 days of departure date to USA
^Unvaccinated children aged below 12 will be admitted if travelling with fully vaccinated parents
*Unvaccinated children aged 5 and below will be exempt from testing and admitted when travelling with fully vaccinated parents. 


As the winter looms over Europe, it was entirely plausible that the VTL flights would be affected.

In summary, those with plans to visit Denmark may need to tweak their itineraries (unless you have an EUDCC). The EU reviews its safe list fortnightly, but it’s anyone guess if Singapore will make it into the safe list anytime soon when cases remain high.

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