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This article is released in sync with the resumption of global travel after a 18 month hiatus. The team at Atas Accountant encourages travel to be conducted responsibly, while we allow hospitality standards to re-emerge as we explore our beautiful world again!

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After a good start exploring the capital of France, my family and I moved further into the heart of Paris. For the next few days, we will be staying in the Hilton Paris Opera, the crown jewel of the Hilton portfolio in Paris.

The Hilton Paris Opera has an enchanting history: It was first built in 1889 (the same time as the Eiffel Tower!) with the intent of housing merchants attending the Universal Exposition in Paris who arrived from the neighbouring Gare Saint Lazare. The magnificent structure was in the hands of different owners until Hilton brought it in into its portfolio in 2015.

Since then, the Hilton Paris Opera has went through a $50 million makeover while retaining its historical facade. The Hilton Opera maintains its Haussmann-inspired exterior, while each of the 268 rooms in the hotel have been freshened up to keep up with modern times.

My dad and I left the Hilton Paris La Defense to meet up my family at the Hilton Paris Opera, who had taken a taxi earlier from the Airbnb to meet us there. As we exited the Gare Saint Lazare, you could immediately notice the impressive architecture masterpiece!

The Hilton Paris Opera is located in the 8th arrondissement, and just a 5 minutes walk to the famous Galleries Lafayette and Printemps Haussmann. A further walk through the Parisian streets will see you reach the famous opera house Palais Garnier and the Louvre.


We made our way into the hotel via a rather petite main entrance, similar to the one that I had experienced in the Hilton London Olympia, where there was no roundabout dedicated for passengers to alight/depart, which was a surprise to me since most flagship hotels tend to occupy its own dedicated area for vehicles.

Nonetheless, as we approached, the concierge warmly welcomed us and offered to carry our luggage up the stairs.

As we entered the hotel, my family and I was greeted by a stunning bijou lobby. High ceilings, grand chandeliers, plush chairs, marbled columns, red carpets; it felt like we were transported back in time!

Copyright: TripAdvisor (I lost the one i took!)

I processed the check-in while my family took a seat in the Grand Salon, which was a lobby restaurant which changes into a bar at night. I have to say; the atmosphere captures the chic-ness of Paris very well!

While the staff presented to us a summary of our Diamond elite benefits, I was thrilled to know that my family had one of our rooms upgraded to an Executive Suite during our stay! The staff were kind to accommodate my schedule since I had a business call from North America in the wee hours of Paris, and the spare room in the suite was handy when my family was asleep.


The Executive Suite was located on the 4th floor, tucked along a rather small corner, something of a theme of Paris accomodation. Here’s a little prelude to suite 540 before my video got cut off.

At first glance, it felt cosy yet compressed. If you compared it to the suite experience I had at the Hilton London Olympia a few days ago, you would understand my thoughts. Nevertheless, it had the Paris chic-ness of a modern principality; plush leather sofa seats, a walk-in wardrobe (containing complimentary bathrobes and slippers), a rain shower, along with the miniature lamps and paintings of iconic Paris landmarks. Spot them if you can!

After putting down our bags, we headed straight for the executive lounge for our evening cocktails. I will show more photos of the room and its amenities, along with the bathroom later on as well.

Executive Lounge

The executive lounge of the Hilton Paris Opera is located on the 2nd floor, with clear windows overlooking the Parisian streets. We arrived slightly late, so I will skip to the spread offered right away. As you can tell, there were salad options, smoked fish, and some pastries offered. For the hot food section, strangely only Asian rice and mozzarella cheese sticks were offered. I wasn’t too sure if these were what’s left, but it wasn’t all too impressive. Fortunately, we weren’t all that hungry since we had amazing falafels at Le Marais the late afternoon! Besides, there was still a complimentary bottle of wine in the room 😀

We visited the lounge again the next few days for a quick chill session while I got to use the Business Center. I got to take better photos this time since it was less crowded compared to the previous night.

Upon entering the lounge, you had a sofa sitting area on your right, stacked with a whole lot of snacks for guests to enjoy!

By its side, you had a long timber table where you could enjoy your morning/afternoon tea while reading today’s papers.

Further in, you had the layout of something like a standard restaurant, with another television broadcasting news, with some finger food and spreads at the side. Chilled drinks were available below  the tables.

Overall a very compact lounge. Well equipped with snacks with the exception of the evening cocktails I experienced on the first day!

ROOM (Extended Review)

Moving back to the room, the living room of the suite had a minibar which was well equipped and complimentary for Executive Suite customers. They had Nespresso pods and Dammann Frere Tea, which Gunpowder Green Tea is now my favourite tea of all time! Food items like peanuts, Pringles and a Toblerone bar were available as well. These were replenished daily.

The room was comfy and I was seriously impressed with the refurbishment of the Hilton Paris Opera. It may not be as spacious as the suite I had in Hilton London Olympia, but it was definitely more modern and had more accessible features with new furniture which I appreciated greatly.

Moving on to the bathroom, it certainly had the makings of a white palace! Shaped in an inverted ‘L’ format, you encounter the sink as you first headed in on the short end of the ‘L’, with the shower space and toilet bidet behind at the intersection. The refurbishment team spared no effort in their renovation efforts, choosing white marbling for all its finishes. It featured a huge ring light main mirror (with shower and bidet behind) and a side vanity mirror.

While there was no bath tub, it did feature a huge rain shower. I loved the side gold platings illustrating extravagance, highly suitable for the profile of the Hilton Paris Opera!


Breakfast was served daily from 7am-11am, offered at the 2nd floor, a room adjacent to the Executive Lounge. Featuring a Christmas theme, it was more crowded compared to the Hilton Paris La Defense. This was understandable since the Hilton Paris Opera was right in the heart of central Paris. The spread was excellent; you had hot food options (I even had my Asian fix of some porridge!). Cold cuts were available, you had different cheese to choose from, salads and fruits.

The star of the show though, has to be the jambon! Look at the size of that! I think it probably remains the most authentic cut I’ve ever had! Just think about having unlimited servings of it with toasted bread!

I have to say the breakfast spread in Paris hotels for the Hilton portfolio are one of the best. While they have the staples, they add a special touch of premium ingredients such as fresh honeycombs and special cuts of meat. Did I also mention the jambon?!


Throughout my stay, I got to use the fitness center to wind down two times, since it was open for 24 hours. I didn’t see anyone on both instances though.

The gym wasn’t the largest but it was clear the gym went through its own renovation. Equipment all looked new as well, fitted with live channels and programs so you can be in tune with what’s happening as you exercise (or to distract you from the pain!) There were the standard weights, a pull-down weight machine and a rower machine (unseen from the picture).

Towels were well stocked and there was also a chiller for water. Don’t bother about the apples you see on the left, they’re fake!

The gym reminded me a fair bit of the DoubleTree Hilton at Johor Bahru, with regard to the layout. The DoubleTree Hilton JB had a pool view from the gym though, but not for the Hilton Paris Opera.


We had an excellent 48 hours at the Hilton Paris Opera. It’s certainly matched up to the glitz and glamour of Paris, and was certainly more luxurious compared to the Hilton Paris La Defense. Being in the 8th arrosidsment, it served as the perfect place to explore Paris, especially if you were planning to head to Versailles, since the Gare de Lyon was next door. My family and I absolutely enjoyed our stay here, especially with the upgrade to the executive suite and the late checkout.

Ever since COVID though, Hilton has added a formidable 6 hotels in France in the short time span of less than 2 years, with the pick of the bunch being the Canopy by Hilton Paris Trocadero, which possesses a stunning view of the Eiffel Tower from its courtyard! I’m definitely looking to be back in Paris to review these hotels soon!

Canopy by Hilton Paris Trocadero (Photo Credit: Hilton)

For now, to Versailles!

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