Hi there! The Atas Accountant was founded in 2019 with a desire to help any individual travel better, through the idea of leveraging on miles and points as part of an overall financial literacy strategy.

Join the Atas Accountant team on their journey to fly better, stay better and do better, in their attempt to ‘connoisseur’ the travel world. 

who we are

Dickson Ng

Founder & Chief editor

Currently based in Singapore, Dickson sets the overall strategy of Atas Accountant while helping clients worldwide achieve their travel goals through the self-curated 'Miles Mastery' modules. He loves meeting new friends during his travels. In his free time, he plays tennis, reads and explores different food cuisines. 

Jewel Ng

digital brand director

With an eye for detail, Jewel curates the stunning visual content on Atas Accountant. Having worked with numerous brands, Jewel aims to create a brand that uniquely local, expand the type of content on this platform and reach out to a wider global audience. A photo enthusiast and French speaker, Jewel also enjoys yoga and baking on her carefree days.