The Atas Accountant frequently runs modular sessions to share his tips and tricks to get that business class ticket to your preferred destination faster. Have a look below on the content that each module entails! 

Miles Mastery Module

Module 1: Building Your Balance (1.5 hours)

  To start playing the miles game, you will want to achieve a healthy stockpile of miles. In this module, we craft a personalised miles-earning strategy by looking into which credit cards that allows you to hit your target miles balance quicker, while exploring some unconventional ways to give your miles balance a boost. 


  • Identifying which mile-earning credit cards is the best for an individual
  • Being familiar on how to achieve bonus points and miles
  • Shining light on different ways to earn miles beyond credit cards

Module 2: State of Airline Programmes (1.5 hours)

  Here, we will find out more about programmes currently available in the airline market. How many miles do I need for that flight? Do I get lounge access on that flight? What are the different alliances and options available to me? We will answer all of that in this overview that is imperative to playing the miles game.


  • Making a decision on future flight patterns 
  • Discovering the benefits of having elite status and how to get it faster
  • Learning about the value and power of miles

Module 3: Under the Microscope – Krisflyer (1.5 hours)

  In this session, we put our knowledge of our beloved Singapore Airlines membership programme, Krisflyer, to the litmus test. We test our capability to attain maximum value for each Krisflyer mile earned, and truly utilise the programme to its maximum potential.


  • Pointing out the sweet spots of the different award charts Singapore Airlines publishes 
  • Understanding the true value of a Round-the-World itinerary
  • Decoding the lesser-known stopover policy of Krisflyer to stretch your miles

Module 4: Life Beyond Krisflyer (1.5 hours)

  The final module sees us exploring the different frequent flyer programmes available around the world. While Krisflyer has its benefits, other programmes has its lures too. Can I fly to that particular destination for fewer miles? Can I try other premium cabins on other airline programmes?


  • Introducing the different programmes available and the sweet spots in each programme
  • Achieving clarity on knowing which programme to use for each particular programme