Points Consultancy

Looking to maximise your miles and points for sustainable luxury travel? We’re your port of call.

Achieve Quick Success

Get a headstart.

Want to master the art of travelling on points, but unsure on where to start? Get one-on-one guidance from our team who has years of experience in plying the trade.

Step-by-step walkthrough.

Which miles should you invest in? What alliance is worth looking into? We provide personalised solutions on making these decisions to attaining sustainable luxury travel while saving thousands of dollars.

Book your dream award trip.

The world is your oyster. Go wherever you want, whenever you want. Book a call with us and watch us make your dream trip a reality.

Be ahead of the curve

Here, we will find out more about programmes currently available in the airline market. How many miles do I need for that flight? Do I get lounge access on that flight? What are the different alliances and options available to me? We will answer all of that in this crucial module that is imperative to playing the miles game.


  • Making a decision on future flight patterns
  • Discovering the benefits of having elite status and how to get it faster
  • Learning about the value and power of miles


With years of experience earning and redeeming points for travel, our team is confident in achieving success for you: Focusing on the essentials and zero in on the correct strategies in a fraction of the time.

Whether you have a complex list of questions you’d like to get answered, a credit card strategy to optimize, or a complex Round-The-World trip to stitch together, you are at the right place.

Prices are in Singapore Dollars.

Frequently Answered Questions

What exactly is Points Consulting?

Points Consulting is a service offered by Atas Accountant, a digital based company based in Singapore dedicated to helping individuals/families/entities achieve sustainable luxury travel using the power of Miles & Points.

This service is offered by a team who’s been travelling the world on points for many years, and we are confident to help our clients navigate the learning curve and master the art of travelling on points through one-on-one coaching and consulting sessions.

How can Points Consulting help me?

There’s a sea of information out there on how to travel using points.

Think of us as a compass; we point you in the right direction. Instead of spending many hours absorbing information on your own, Points Consulting serves as a good foundation in providing personalized guidance, strategies, and advice to help you start travelling the world on points in a fraction of the time.

The content on Atas Accountant will always be there, but the learning curve can be steep. Sifting through that information and devising the right strategies to meet your travel goals is a process that takes time and effort. With Points Consulting, you have an ideal platform that accelerates the learning process!

How does Points Consulting work?

Simply book a Client Call above to access our calendars, pick a time that works for you, and submit payment to secure your Points Consulting session.

We primarily do it over Zoom, or over the phone – it’s up to you!

(We like Zoom, because of its features and we can share our screens and show you stuff in live-action.)

We’ll follow up with a personalised email of useful resources and a brief summary of our call, as well as recommendations you may rely on for your future trips.

How does the payment process work?

Consulting sessions are priced at S$150/hour. Payment will be made at the time of booking.

Points Consulting payments are strictly non-refundable. If your plans change, the consulting session may be rescheduled for a different date.